Strict Male Chasity Harness - Black

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Keep your eye on that cock! The unique design of this chastity harness allows you to control the pleasure your slave experiences while they do your bidding. Pull those useless genitals through the metal ring in the front to begin the incarceration process. Adjust the straps around your playthings waist and ass and buckle them up tight. Pull that shaft upward and strap it in with the 4 small straps, ensuring that your slave is securely trapped! You will have a clear view of their desperation as they strain against the straps!

Waist adjusts from 32.5 to 43 inches.
Rear belt adjusts from 8 to 15 inches.
Cock straps adjust from 3.5 to 6 inches in circumference.
Metal ring has a 2 inch diameter.

Item Weight and Dimensions:

Weight: 0.69lbs
Length: 0.00"
Width: 0.00"
Height: 0.00"

Packaged Weight and Dimensions:

Weight: 0.76lbs
Length: 8.00"
Width: 5.50"
Height: 3.00"

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