Sparkle Ponytail Plug with detachable ponytail

Color: Pastel
Sale price$84.95


These Sparkle Plugs use an innovative screw-in (and out) base used on our original solid glass “Made by Us” Ponytail plugs. They have the exact same look and feel of our standard small bulb- short stem plug, but with the added convenience of being able to remove the ponytail from the base (see care and use for instructions if needed). The hollow glass plug is made from borosilicate tubing just like our dilators are made with. Then we fill the plug with tiny crystals and seal it with a screw-on base.

Curated and supervised by us to meet our design and safety specifications, this hollow glass plug is not MADE BY US in our glass shop, but it is designed and assembled by us. The “Brought To You By” Crystal Delights Sparkle Plug Series is the first of our new “Brought to you By” products and is currently available in only one size, our standard short stem-small bulb plug.

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