Slinger Nylon Sex Sling

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Take your sex life to another level by literally bringing it off the ground and into the air! When you suspend your partner from a sex swing stand you open up a whole new world of positions and sensations! Get deeper and enjoy more control as the one standing when you use a sex swing! Made out of nylon, this swing is durable, lightweight, vegan-friendly and easy to clean and care for! This material is so strong it can handle up to 661 lbs (300 kg)! The stirrups are separate and can be hung up as well or taken down depending on the type of stand you're using and what you and your partner want. Compatible with most sex swing stands, this swing is a great buy! After use, spot clean as needed.

Measurements: Overall length: 35.5 inches. Width tapers from 11 inches to 35 inches at the widest point. Stirrups length: 20 inches.

Weight Capacity: Holds up to 661 lbs (300kg)

Materials: Nylon, metal

Color: Black, silver

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