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Make it thicker, longer and stronger with The VX4 Pump. For foreplay, penis enlargement, endurance training, or solo masturbation The Pump is a visual stimulator, an erection enhancer and a sexual male pleasure product all in one package. The Pump comes with an airtight chamber, advanced trigger pump, a soft X5 pump sleeve and extra pump sleeve. The airtight vacuum chamber is clear for viewing progress. Unlike standard squeeze bulb pumps, the trigger pump design gives you precise intensity control, generates a stronger vacuum and a quick release valve allows you to comfortably remove your penis. Made from X5 for a realistic feel, the vagina shaped pump sleeve embraces the head of the penis and warms your shaft after each pump. X5 is skin safe and easy to clean with toy cleaner or soap and water. Air-dry your X5 sleeve and apply cornstarch to maintain a silky smooth surface for next time. Extra chamber sleeves are for erection enhancement minus the visual sensation. Last but not least, we have included a detailed User Safety Manual to help you pump safely. Requires 2 AA Batteries. Not Included

  • Advanced Pull Handle Design Generates More Vacuum Than Bulb Pumps
  • Tunable Vibrations For More Pleasure & Blood Flow. Requires 2 AA Batteries. Not Included
  • Quick Safety Pressure Release Valve. Product Instruction & User Safety Manual
  • 2 Ultrasoft Pump Sleeves & Stay Hard Cock Ring Included
  • 8.75" Overall Length. High Impact Polycarbonate Cylinder Is 8.5"L x 2.5"W

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