Muscle Bandit Slimmest Muscle Cocksheath Black

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MUSCLE BANDIT is the slimmest of three “MUSCLE” cocksheaths we make: original MUSCLE is thick and long, MUSCLE RIPPED is long and veiny and a bit slimmer...this MUSCLE BANDIT is even slimmer and a bit shorts to add more to what you have, just not too much more.

Made of thick rubbery Plus+SILICONE, this wraps your meat adding a little more girth and a few inches of length, this fits trimmer and included our clear discrete ADJUST fit soft rubbery bullet insert so you can custom fit to your shaft size...get additional ADJUST fit inserts in three-packs for even more custom fit — we design sheaths to fit any size shaft.

MUSCLE BANDIT stays on your hard or soft dick with our cocksling base but as you stroke, it suctions down on your shaft to jack you while you tug it or fuck with it...this thing isn’t just for others pleasure while you pump and hump — it gives you a lot of sucking tug on your knob.

Made of our stretchy Plus+SILICONE blend with a lush dull velvet feel its rubbery but firm enough to play fast and hard, stretchy enough to fit on you and it sucks onto you pulling you in while you play.

HERE’s HOW: lube your junk just a bit, slide in squeezing the shaft hole air out so it sucks you in...once all the way in, stretch the ball hole and drop your bag through.

Oxballs designs all our gear with the features that make our toys work harder, work better — we make the best gear for all the fetishes — we make huge extreme toys because you guys want huge filling toys for ultra-hard-core play. Play hard, play biggest.

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