Lux Fetish Electro Sex Kit w/Stimulation Pads

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Send electrifying waves of stimulation across your partner's sensitive erogenous zones with this Electro-Sex Kit With Stimulation Pads. Similar to the device that can be found at a physical therapy office for massaging tense muscles, these pads can be applied to the body and then powered on to send stimulating buzzes of electricity anywhere you desire. Explore your wild fantasies by role-playing that you or partner is a kinky doctor that will be using electro-stimulation to cure your sexual needs. Experiment with electro-stim by starting out on a gentle level and increasing the intensity as the passion gets amplified. To start, place the self-adhesive pads on your partner's back to treat them to a relaxing massage or try more sensitive areas like the inner thigh to tease and torture your partner with exciting electrostim. This Electro-Sex Kit With Stimulation Pads also includes an eye mask to explore sensation play, as the lack of eyesight heightens all of your other senses. Battery: 2 x AAA battery(Not included). • Includes four hypoallergenic, self-adhesive pads to use anywhere on the body. • Unisex, perfect for all bodies. • Reusable for multiple uses. • Handheld controller. • Couples-friendly. • Perfect for electro-stim first-timers and users of all levels. • Includes eye mask for exploring sensation play. • Safe to use on intimate areas such as the penis, balls, labia, etc. • Discreet design is easy to store.

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