First Time® Rechargeable Bunny

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Embark on a journey of intense pleasure with the First Time® Rechargeable Bunny. This dual stimulation vibe is crafted for those who seek fun and powerful pleasure, with intense rumbling vibrations and turbo boost that elevates your experience to new heights.

The First Time® Rechargeable Bunny stands out with its accelerated speeds, offering a dynamic range of intensities to explore. Its independently operated shaft and stimulator ensure a customizable experience, allowing you to explore pleasure tailored precisely to your desires. Whether you crave gentle caresses or powerful pulses, this device adapts to your every whim.

Constructed from body-safe Silicone and boasting a 100% waterproof design with an IPX7 rating, this bunny invites you to delve into your fantasies in any setting. The seamless integration of the security travel lock feature—activated by holding both buttons for three seconds—ensures peace of mind, making it an ideal companion for discreet pleasure, whether at home or on the go.

USB rechargeable for convenience, the First Time® Rechargeable Bunny comes with a charging cord and boasts impressive endurance: a complete charge in just 2.5 hours leads to 60 minutes of high-speed bliss or an extended 180 minutes of low-speed exploration. This bunny isn't just an adult toy; it's a companion in your journey of self-discovery and sensual delight.

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