Arctic Marble Real Fur Tail Plug

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Indulge in a captivating sense of allure with the Crystal Delights Arctic Marble Real Fur Tail Anal Plug. Are you ready to embody sophistication with a touch of enchantment? This butt plug, adorned with a luxurious tail, seamlessly blends pleasure and elegance.

Crafted from premium Borosilicate glass that is both high-quality and body-friendly, the cool-to-the-touch plug can be warmed up for a personalized experience. Compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants, its solid yet slender neck and flanged base ensure safety and optimum comfort for anal use.

Ethical Use Statement: Our tails are sourced from companies specializing in repurposing the "refuse parts" of animals, minimizing waste. Crystal Delights firmly opposes the senseless killing of animals for their fur and anticipates the eventual abolition of the fur trade. Until that day arrives, we advocate for the responsible use of all parts of the animal, allocating a portion of our tail profits annually to animal charities in alignment with our charitable mission.

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